Strategy & Planning

Leverage analytics, user research, voice of the customer, business intelligence, trend analysis, landscape audits and past experience to collaboratively propose solutions and designs for growing markets and achieving business, brand and user/customer goals. Deliverables include strategic briefings, workshops, proposals and briefs, service design journey maps, scope estimates and planning roadmaps.

User Experience, Product & Service Design

Extensive experience integrating these three design approaches to design both complex, transactional experiences and large-scale content experiences for global markets. Deliverables include cross-channel and cross-device product analysis, landscape and experience audits, personas, scenarios, user flows, user journey maps, site and app maps, wireframes and prototypes.

Content Strategy

Team lead for several content strategy teams creating, managing and optimizing a full spectrum of content types including Social Media and Content Marketing. Experienced with content research and evaluation tools for maximizing content ROI. Deliverables include content audits, content hierarchies, taxonomies  and tagging systems for site search, Content A/B Testing and SEO and SEM strategies. Multiple content management projects using a range of  CMS and LMS technologies.

Leading & Facilitating Teams

Comprehensive experience with building, mentoring and managing teams and processes ranging from single project size up to seventy person departments and budgets ranging from thousands up to millions of dollars. Relationship building and collaboration across all business units and roles within an organization.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Varied experience with all aspects of Content Marketing and Social Media including planning, measurement and optimization as well as content writing, production and editing. Have created and managed omni-channel content marketing, social media, edumarketing and sales campaigns across all stages of the customer journey.


Complex transactional experiences for multi-channel marketing and sales from customer awareness and acquisition through engagement, account set-up, usability, conversion, retention and loyalty for a range of business verticals

Core Skills:

Customer & User Research

Deep and broad experience with customer research techniques at all project and customer journey phases including content analysis, basic consumer psychology research, secondary research analysis, ethnographic, field, lab, participatory design, usability and optimization.

Rapid Prototyping

Proficient in designing and building fully interactive product and user experience prototypes using multiple prototyping tools and methodologies. Experience using Axure, Framer and other software to bring to life products for the web, mobile web, native mobile apps and the Internet of Things.

Testing & Optimization

Use a range of metrics, tags and analytic tools including Omniture, ClickTale and Tableau, combine with user research and A/B testing to optimize traffic and yield, usability and customer satisfaction. Deliverables include reports analyzing testing results, dynamic data dashboards, design options for optimization and implementation strategies and roadmaps.

Content Creation

Award winning, highly successful storyteller and influencer. Synthesize all types of digital content delivered across all channels, devices, screens and locations. Decades of experience as a passionate content writer, producer, director and editor exploring how users, technology and content interact.

Physical/Digital Hybrids

Cutting edge experience designing physical/digital hybrids for smart devices and post-screen interfaces linked by the Internet of Things. Design for emerging technologies including automotive telematics, telemedicine, app-enabled devices, voice and 3-D motion controlled interfaces.

Teaching & Online Learning

Design thought leadership publishing, speaking at conferences and teaching as an adjunct professor for User Experience, Product and Service Design, Content Creation and Content Strategy. Varied online learning experience with Customer Support Content, LMS and Training Fascinated contributor to design thought leadership and education.

Project Ramp Up & Management

Fast ramp up and project management of Design timelines and budgets. Wide range of projects for medium and large clients including the Financial Services, Automotive, Retail, Recreation & Leisure, Travel, CPG, Life Sciences, Consumer Electronics, Media, Government and Education verticals.

Emerging Technologies & Experiences

Multiple projects leveraging emerging technologies and design techniques to drive the creation of innovative physical/digital products. Life-long explorer of the intersection between media, design, devices, content, interfaces and technical advancements. Experience designing for the Internet of Things and physical/digital hybrids.

Detailed Work Samples as well as References, Speaking Engagements, Publications and Television Credits available upon request.

I am currently seeking new challenges and opportunities.

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