Bank of America: Better Money Habits

Bank of America is a pioneer in content marketing and they wanted to launch a new approach to it as part of their overall marketing strategy – providing online education for financial literacy with a proven track record of engagement and success as a public service. To get started, they set up an arrangement with Sol Kahn, one of the most successful providers of online learning, to provide his existing financial literacy content as well as create new content around the topic. All of it with minimal Bank of America branding and calls to action leading to Bank of America products and services.


Project Goals

  • Engage and educate financial consumers to promote financial planning and saving.
  • Design an easy-to-use online learning environment using Sol Kahn’s financial literacy talks illustrated by original animations and graphics.
  • Create takeaway summaries of learning content, gamification “quizzes” and learning pathways to enhance retention.
  • Enhance the perception of Bank of America through what I came to call “edumarketing”.


I worked closely with Sal Kahn’s team and the content marketing team at Bank of America to identify and map existing financial literacy content and develop a content strategy and publishing plan for it. The next step was designing a series of wireframes and prototypes to achieve consensus and approval for the online experience. User testing was done to validate the design and content strategy and the feedback was used to finalize and illustrate the videos. At the same time, I designed the data capture templates for the content management system and mapped out all the takeaways and related content for each learning module. I continued to support the project until launch, participating actively in QA and UAT.


Based on metrics, surveys and other customer research, Better Money Habits is achieving all of the project’s goals. Learning modules are added regularly and the entire experience continues to be optimized.


My Role
User Experience and Content Strategy team lead for all tracks from the beginning of the engagement. Developed the strategy, wrote briefs, did research and testing and was hands-on


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