Bank of America About Us: Web and Mobile Web

About Us – Bank of America’s online channel for communicating corporate mission, identity and culture, news, press releases, career information and stories about their community building programs and charitable giving – was a single page with text links to over 50 different microsites and landing pages, most with different themes, owners and stakeholders.


Project Goals

  • Create positive impressions of Bank of America as a company
  • Counter negative perceptions and media coverage of Bank of America
  • Position Bank of America as a positive force in building local communities
  • Increase engagement and impact of the About Us section with the media, other influences and local communities


After mapping and capturing the existing About Us content, we identified all the owners and stakeholders for the About Us experience. Then, the engagement team did stakeholder interviews and facilitated a series of workshops to achieve consensus on business, brand and user goals for the About Us experience and content. User research was used to create and confirm personas and user flows. Using them, the team collaborated with all the stakeholders and owners to develop and test a new information architecture, navigational system and style guide. With these in place, a road map for pruning, curating and migrating existing content, as well as the creation of new content, was developed In parallel, data capture templates were designed and an enterprise content management system was implemented and content creators were trained on its use.



Based on metrics, surveys and other user research, the usability, engagement and impact of  the experience increased significantly. About Us became an effective channel for achieving the project goals.


My Role: User Experience Design 

User Experience lead as well as hands on work mapping existing content, collaborating with stakeholders and content owners to identify themes and goals, and creating the new information architecture and navigational system.


I am currently seeking new challenges and opportunities. You can reach me by phone or text at 617.877.9349 or email me at

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