Disney Parks and Resorts Digital eCommerce: Tiered Ticket Pricing


Project Summary
Prior to this project, a single day ticket to one of the Disneyworld and Disneyland theme parks was the same price every day of the year. The ticket price for a particular park depended on the park, but the price for that park remained the same throughout the year. Park attendance was a different story. During some blocks of days, attendance regularly strained the capacity of the theme parks. In order to help even out attendance and increase revenue, a tiered ticket pricing model was proposed. In other words, tickets to a theme park would cost more on some blocks of days and less on others.


Project Goals

  • Redesign the existing eCommerce flow for purchasing “same price every day” theme park tickets to accommodate three different ticket price tiers depending upon what day the Guest wanted to attend.
  • Avoid confusion and insure that purchasing a ticket continued to be a friction-less, easy and transparent experience for Guests as the shift to tiered pricing was implemented.
  • Design an experience for web, mobile web and app that was scalable and easily updated.
  • Leverage a lean UX process and rapid prototyping to get it right and launch on a very aggressive timeline.


After a comprehensive briefing on the tiered ticket strategy and goals, Stakeholders, Product Designers, User Experience Designers and Technologists collaborated in a series of intense concepting and sketching workshops to map out and design the steps in the new eCommerce ticket flow. Three concepts were prototyped and then tested with Guests. Based on this feedback, a final design was synthesized from the three original designs, approved by all stakeholders, built and launched on time


A smooth transition to purchasing a tiered pricing ticket. Guest feedback on the process of purchasing a tiered pricing ticket has been positive. Ticket sales have not been negatively impacted


My Role:
Kicked off the UX team on project, facilitated and participated in the collaborative design workshops and directed the development of wireframes and prototypes for user research. Helped analyze and apply the feedback from Guest research to synthesize a final design. Worked with the UX team to finalize the new ticket eCommerce flow, get it approved, built and launched.


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