EMC Global Campaign Framework: Web and Mobile Web

EMC does business and runs marketing campaigns in over 52 different countries in every region worldwide. When this project kicked off, there was no consistency in the user experience design, content strategy, content and content management for campaigns conducted across all of these different markets. A single marketing campaign for a Product or Service could be designed and produced very differently depending upon the country it was targeting and the in-country agency partner. This resulted in a lot of time and money being spent on design and creating content. It also made it harder to roll out a coordinated campaign on a global scale, measure its effectiveness and optimize for the next campaign.


Project Goals

  • Support EMC sales teams by Increasing the effectiveness of global marketing campaigns in acquiring, engaging, converting, retaining and repeat selling to EMC customers.
  • Design a Global Campaign Framework with a flexible information architecture and a set of modules and page templates that could support a variety of different campaigns and be used globally by any target market.
  • Develop a flexible Content Strategy for global campaigns that could also support a variety of different campaigns and be used globally in any target market.
  • Launch a Global Campaign Framework that supports sophisticated localization of the campaign’s look and feel as well as wording of the basic campaign content to maximize its effectiveness in a particular market –  all done within the basic framework and measurable across target markets.
  • Redesign the existing Products and Solutions sections of EMC.com to optimize their effectiveness overall as well as support customers moving through the purchase funnel by acting as a “Learn More” resource for any campaign in any target market.
  • Design data capture templates for a centralized, enterprise CMS to manage all campaign content and its localization.
  • Dramatically lower the cost and level of effort for launching, managing and measuring global campaigns as well as optimizing the Global Campaign Framework and DCTs for future global campaigns.


I worked with the main corporate EMC marketing team at Global Headquarters to do extensive research on past campaigns across all the target markets, identifying and analyzing common elements that worked and common elements that needed to be optimized.  After identifying all campaign product owners, marketing teams and stakeholders globally, I developed an interview guide and did interviews with them in person, by phone or through email and chat. Based on my research and interviews, I refined a series of wireframes and a content strategy, created a prototype and used them to facilitate a series of workshops, collaborating with key campaign teams to get feedback and finalize a working design as quickly as possible. When we I had consensus and approval on the design of the campaign framework and its content strategy, I design the data capture templates to support it. I also developed online training in how the use the new global campaign framework along with a style guide and a hands-on, roll-out workshop to promote rapid adoption


Based on metrics, surveys and other user research, the usability, engagement and impact of  the experience increased significantly. About Us became an effective channel for achieving the project goals.


My Role
User Experience/Content Strategy team lead as well as extensive hands on work researching and designing a measurable, cost effective Global Campaign Framework as well as the content strategy and the content management system to support and optimize it



I am currently seeking new challenges and opportunities. You can reach me by phone or text at 617.877.9349 or email me at dougbolin@mac.com.

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