Face Retirement: Web, Mobile Web and Native Mobile App

Recent studies have found that only about a quarter of Americans aged 25 – 64 are saving enough money for retirement.


Project Goals

  • Motivate more people to think about planning and saving for retirement
  • Raise awareness of Merrill Edge as a retirement planning and investing tool
  • Increase sharing of user generated content related to retirement planning and saving via social channels
  • Drive traffic to merriledge.com


A basic research study demonstrated that if you show people an image of what they will look like at retirement age, they are much more likely to start planning and saving for retirement. Based on this finding, we brainstormed and designed a fun way to get people to start thinking about retirement – Face Retirement.
Face Retirement lets people capture a photo of themselves and animates it at different ages so people and see their future selves. At the same time, presenting  basic information about retirement planning and Merrill Edge. They can then choose to share the aged photo with Merrill Edge messaging.



At first, it seemed like a nutty idea, because who wants to see what they will look like when they “get old”?
However, Face Retirement turned out to be an incredibly popular experience, delivering on all the project’s goals. It earned media coverage in several national media, including the Today Show, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.
It also generated significant rates of sharing while increasing traffic and engagement with merrilledge.com.


My Role: User Experience Design and Content Strategy

User experience design and content strategy lead from the very beginning of the client engagement through launch and ongoing optimization.
For the web, mobile web and app, I also did hands-on wireframing, prototyping, user testing and content strategy


I am currently seeking new challenges and opportunities. You can reach me by phone or text at 617.877.9349 or email me at dougbolin@mac.com.

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